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Innocey Design

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I don’t just make websites…

I consult, I design and I develop websites, provide IT consultancy services for business workflows, database management, SEO and marketing.


I help my clients understand why they want a new website by looking at the issues with their current implementation to discover what is not working and why. In addition I work with my clients to find out who the end users actually are, who they want to target (including demographic analysis) and ultimately what outcome is required.



After the initial consultation the design is created taking into consideration the results found in the first consultation stage. This ensures that the design will reinforce the targets and goals set by my clients and the finished website will meet the end users needs and provide an engaging experience.


Once the design is signed off the development can begin. I am a specialist in wordpress so this is the CMS (Content Management System) of choice. It is stable, secure and very easy for my clients to use. As standard your website will have some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques applied so that your target audience can find it more easily.


If you are spending a considerable amount of time doing repetitive tasks, there usually is a better way! Process is automation is something I not only specialise in but am passionate about! Why spend time when a process can be setup to save you valuable time!


Database Management

If you are struggling to keep track of all your data then I will certainly be able to help. I can advise you on every aspect from data capture, data processing, data storage, data management and data analysis.

SEO & Marketing

As standard with each website, I provide some SEO advice and services. As SEO requires an ongoing effort to ensure your website is positioned correctly and the right keywords are targeted etc, I also offer a monthly retainer for SEO services.

A selection of my clients:

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